How to Layer Skincare

We know that most of you feel overwhelmed by the number of skincare products on the market right now. On top of that, there are so many different categories of products which begs a whole new question, “which products should come first?”. If you are feeling lost and clueless, you’re not alone!

Listen, we get it. It’s not like we’re born with an innate knowledge of what order to apply skincare products. Whether you want a simple three-step routine for the morning or have time for a full 10-step regimen at night, the order you apply your products in matters. Why? Because if you don’t layer your products in the right way, or if you use the wrong moisturiser with, say, the wrong toner, you could either render them totally ineffective or, worse: irritate your face.

Product Texture

The easiest and most basic rule to follow is to use the product with the thinnest consistency to the product with thickest consistency. Always start with something that has a more watery texture to it than the one that is most occlusive or creamy.

Most products with a thin consistency, just like a toner, have more water content in it to replenish hydration without the ‘protective’ properties. It will help the absorption of products that are applied afterward like a serum. Then to top it off, you finish them with a creamy moisturiser with more occlusive properties that helps to lock in all the hydration and active ingredients in your skin.

So, imagine when you put on your moisturiser before your serum, it will definitely prevent the active ingredients from absorbing and doing their job.

Product Function

Each product has a different function and role in your skincare routine. Get to know your products and their main function: 

  • Cleanser - is meant to remove any remaining dirt / excess sebum on your skin.
  • Toner - is a product that is meant to restore your skin’s normal pH, hydrate, or exfoliate your skin.

  • Serum - will deliver the most potent amount of active ingredients to your skin and target your specific skin concern.

  • Eye Cream - the skin around your eyes tends to be thinner and more sensitive. It’s also prone to signs of aging, including fine lines, puffiness, and darkness. A good eye cream can brighten, smooth, and firm up the area.
  • Moisturiser - is a product that is meant to prevent water loss, prevent and give your skin the moisture it needs to function properly.

  • Sunscreen (Mornings) - is meant to protect your skin from the damage of UV radiation and is supposed to be the first layer of guard on your skin. The most important rule out of all is that you should put your sunscreen as the last step of your skincare routine, period. No matter how many layers you put on your skin, always give enough time for your routine to set on your skin and top it off with a layer of sunscreen.

For many people, a good rule of thumb is to apply products thinnest to thickest — for however many products that may be — as they move through their skin care routines.

The most important thing is finding a skin care routine that works for you and that you’ll follow. Whether that involves the whole shebang or a simplified ritual, have fun experimenting.