Oh Honey! Five Reasons Honey Is Good For The Skin

Honey is one of the most popular and well loved ingredients across the world, and with good reason! Alongside it’s delicious taste and versatile use in food, it also has many benefits for our health, skin and hair.

Read along as we unpack five reasons that make honey great for your skin!

Honey for Hydration

Two words that are synonymous with honey are rich and hydrating. Honey has a rich texture, but what makes it the perfect ingredient to moisturise skin is its hygroscopic trait. ‘Hygroscopic’ describes a substance that tends to absorb and retain moisture from the air. Honey moisturises the skin through absorbing water from the environment, and the enzymes present in honey allows it to easily penetrate deep into the skin so that it conditions and hydrates the skin from deep within. 

Honey for Acne

Honey is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which makes it a great ingredient to help treat acne. The high viscosity of honey helps to provide a protective barrier to the skin that will prevent further infection on already inflamed areas of the skin.

Honey for Anti-Aging

The natural antioxidants in honey can help control wrinkles and fine lines, but will also help improve the elasticity of the skin. The enzymes in honey will help boost skin cell function which makes it a great ingredient for anti-aging care.

Honey for Exfoliation

Honey contains organic acid such as gluconic acid that is a great exfoliant. The gluconic acid accelerates shedding dead skin cells on the face but unlike scrub products, it exfoliates the skin without irritation or the act of rubbing. That is why it makes it a great exfoliating ingredient especially for those with sensitive or dry skin. And through this gentle exfoliation, it helps to leave the skin with brighter and clearer complexion.

Honey for Wound Healing 

Honey has long been used to cure burns, wounds and bacterial infections. As mentioned above, honey is a great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps wounds to not infect further, and promotes healing by decreasing any inflammation and providing nutrition to the damaged tissue which helps with the healing process. 

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